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Hi am new on here all and like to share what am going throu .am 34 have 3 amazing kids am single in 2009 I was in hospital for a week with an unexplained illness my arm went purple and it looks like it belongs to a deceased person I had severe head pain is on my right side I had an MRI scan and lumber punch and nothing I felt like I was an old lady weak and I was very fragile and week I also was aware I suffered with migraines I was diagnosed at the age of 14 or 15 I was put on something called paramax but since 2010 2012 I have had severe severe attacks that I've put me in hospital and my last severe one was last year that I lost all my speech it was like a stroke this made me very worried and scared as I have three children and makes me panic because I worry when will it happen again it has made me very weak and unwell I take zolmitriptan that work wen I take them at rhe rite time but I am so I'll when I have one am in bed for a week the recovery time is to long I not enjoying life at all it's made me so weak I pray all the time not to get them no more my quality of life has changed dramatically and I'm ill and laid up more times than I have got times I feel like I said before weak and tired and like an old lady the recovery process is too long and I worry now as I have 3 kids and hate not been able to bounce back it take a big part of me away I get so forget ful I lose my concentration I forget things and I don't like to talk I have to put ice in my head when am laid up .... Help x

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Hi, sorry to hear you are so ill with this. I have migraine and had myself tested for Hughes Syndrome recently. Apparently migraine can be a sign of Hughes and with it giving you symptoms of a stroke and being so ill. If you search on here/Healthunlocked you will find a Hughes community. It might be worth you joining them and asking questions. I'm no expert but they may be able to advise you.


Thanks I will id like to know all the possibilities


How do they test you for it ?


Hi, I've sent you a private message.


Hi we are sorry to hear you have been suffering from such bad migraine episodes. Its sounds like what you are getting is hemiplegic migraine. They are quite rare but symptoms can include temporary weakness down one side of the body, visual disturbances like loss of vision and speech disturbance.

These symptoms are often associated with a severe headache. This form of migraine may be confused with a stroke, but the effects are usually fully reversible and there are specific treatments available. Strokes usually come on suddenly whereas hemiplegic migraine attacks will often start slowly with one symptom and progress to other symptoms spreading over many minutes or hours.

There is concern about certain medications that may make problems worse. This may mean that some of the most popular migraine medications, such as the triptans, should be avoided. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, will help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation if taken at the onset of the headache. Ibuprofen is often better absorbed if used alongside an anti-sickness drug, such as domperidone.

More information on hemiplegic migraine can be downloaded from our website via this link: migraine.org.uk/product/hem...


I know it's bad and leaves me in bed for a week some times and the recovery is to long am at my doctors tomorrow I can't wait to get to the bottom of it all tbh and see what best for me I pray to never get them again


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