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Trigeminal neuralgia or occipital


For the past nine months I have had neck pain on my left side up the back of my head and the pain goes in my forehead and behind my eye. I've had 2 brain MRIs that came back clear. I saw neurologist a few days ago and he told me he though it was trigeminal neuralgia and prescribed me gabapentin which I have yet to start. Does anyone here have this condition? I definitely always have pain in my neck and up back of head but not so much face as what trigeminal seems to affect the most.

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I have neck pain, terrible pain at the back of my head ( just where my skull meets my neck) temple pain and horrific pain behind my eyes and daily migraines. Was diagnosed with TMJD and hemacrania continua.

Have a google at TMJD symptoms.

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What do you take or do for relief

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I get botox into 3 points in my face for TMJD which reduces the pain behind my eyes, temple,back or head and neck (if you clench your teeth their are 3 points that raise, at your temple, just below your ear and bottom of your jaw).

I take Mirtazapine for the migraines.

Good luck 👍

Yes that’s me. I’ve had these symptoms for 5 years. I was diagnosed with Hemicrania continua as its almost daily. The Gammacore helped so did eliminating foods I have an allergy to , which is quite a lot. The symptoms are begging to become more frequent again as they usually do but they’re not as intense. Let us know how you go with these meds x

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