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Fight flight or freeze


Does anyone have insight or experience in freeze response anxiety with PTSD diagnosis?

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Hello Torri

Yes it is something similar when a rabbit gets caught in the Headlights of a car and cannot move out away from the on coming juggernaut and gets run over.

It is up to you to understand your fears and move out of the way and approach the problems in a positive way.

You need help to come to terms with what caused your PTSD

Are you having any treatment


I am in treatment and just was informed this was what was happening to me for a progressive period of the past ten years I have tried to fight the abuse and flee the abuse yet it wouldn’t end so I go into a freeze mode now instinctively to not face danger but now it goes to that response at any trigger response and debilitates my life fully. I was previously diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder but this has become overbearing and impossible feeling to get around or function out in the world as I would like. I began doing meditations and talk therapy and am taking Lexapro 15 mg daily