How to get a repeat prescription of mirtazapine?

I'm on mirtazapine for a 1 month course, which have helped a lot and I would like to continue on these for another month! Should I ring doctors and just ask a repeat prescription? (Doctor never told me what I should do when I finish the prescription, I never even seen the doctor the receptionist rang and said he left me a prescription) thanks

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  • Hi Jess,

    In my opinion you should have been seen by the doctor in the first place before you were issued with the prescription. Please make an appointment to see him/her.


  • I defiantly agree but they won't give out appointments, they just get the receptionists to ring you back! It's not good because he should have explained to me what I should do once I finish these!

    I don't want to finish taking them and then be really really down again! chloe40

  • Please ask to see the Doctor in person, you have every right to see him and as you say, he didn't explain what you're supposed to do when you have finished them!


  • I will try and see the doctor or at least speak to him on the phone

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