Just had a spooky experience

Whilst dog walking today I was thinking about nothing in particular when 3 numbers popped into my head - in order 27,42 and 11. I did a lottery hotpick.

Well the first 2 showed up on the lottery tonight and my sister who does the 49's in the bookies checked hers and said these 3 numbers came up and if I had put them on I would have won over £400. Wow. Very strange.

PhysicBev x

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  • Hi. That was really spooky. Are you going to try again? £400 is not exactly a lifestyle change bit would be handy to anyone. So glad you are taking a balanced look at this and not regretting you missed out. Strange how things pop into heads. How are you?

  • Hi Hi ha ha balanced view? I'm seething.. :D I'm ok thanks. You? Bev x

  • Yeah, let's keep our sense of humour. And an open mind.

    Fine thanks, bev.

    Jan x

  • Very weird--but, on the other hand, by the law of averages, these coincidences are bound to happen on occasion.

    Have you heard about Cosmic Ordering? I tried it once and it worked--another coincidence?? You have to concentrate hard and often on what you want. It took me about 2 weeks of concentration and detailed visualisation of the £5,000 cheque I wanted but then my father presented me with exactly that He was old and did it to save on death duties on my brother's behalf. He later inherited the family business.

    This frightened me so much that I never did it again.

    A word of warning----be aware of how the whole thing can go terribly wrong.

    Imagine concentrating on £20.00 for some weeks and visualising it in detail.

    A couple of months later you are in a car accident-- now in a wheel chair. The £20.00 is your compensation.

    I bet you would wish you had never done it

  • When did I miss that you have a dog!! Im such a numpty. Awe lucky dog to have such a lovely owner Bev XX

  • You didn't miss anything Caroline :) I only have a very part time dog! I take my sisters dog out every day for walkies coz she can't as she is disabled.

    I get to do the fun bits (except when it's pi.......g down when I stand under a tree in the park and get wet). It's lovely here today so might take her down the beach :D

    How are you? Kosher I hope. Bev xx

  • Just off out all fine LOVVVE YOU BEV....LOVE YOU XXX

  • I wanna go out coz I am really bored. Just text 2 of my friends but no reply yet. Just call me Billy no mates :(

    Enjoy yourself won't ya? Luv ya too chuck.

    Bevnomates xx

  • Bev do you not fancy a dog yourself, they are real friends when we are depressed

    What you want is just a small type Jack Russel that will take you out and give you a walk. The problem is when you get home they lock you out of the bedroom and you will need to sleep on the dog bed.LOL

    We generally get our dogs from the pound or Dogs Trust, the latter have generally lovely partners awaiting a new home


  • Well I doubt I would pass a dog check as I live in a 1 bedroom flat on the first floor Bob. Don't forget there also there are 2 of you to look after the dog and you both stay at home quite a lot, which I would too if I had a partner. I like being out and about.

    I like my freedom too much to want to curtail it for a dog thank you. Besides I like dogs but love cats and they are great coz you can leave them as they look after themselves. So no thanks!

    Bev xx

  • Hello Bev

    Seem to be leaving my brains behind, sorry I forgot you lived in a flat. I also remember that you like cats more than dogs.

    Have a lot on my mind at the moment, consider my wrists slapped lol


  • Hi DS yes I have heard of that as I remember reading Noel Edmonds is a big believer and what he wanted came true. He sees it at as a science. Apparently his career was on the slide and he got into this, then he was offered Deal or No Deal, and found love again. Spooky! You story is weird too, but scarey - the exact amount as well - wow.

    Have you ever read Jung? He calls it Syncronicity. Not quite happy chance which is serendipidy. He reckoned there is a force in the Universe which looks for the things you want in life, though I didn't understand a lot of it. He quoted a couple of examples including looking everywhere for a book by an author with a very strange and unusual surname. He couldn't find the book then he had to go somewhere by taxi and got a receipt and the driver had exactly the same surname! Apparently he was the only driver in the London area with that name. Jung said it was like the message went into the Universe and was looking for him and found a taxi driver with that name as though saying is this who you wanted?

    I have experienced it a couple of times in my life before. Back in the 1980's I bought a local newpaper which I very rarely bought and saw an advert for mature students to study Social Science at Uni and I stared at it in amazement coz it was exactly what I wanted. It was only in the paper that week.

    Another time I was going to my sisters wedding a few years ago and had bought a lovely dress etc. but because time was running short and I couldn't find the shoes I wanted I bought a second best pair. Being a woman I was worrying about this quite a lot. Then 3 days before the wedding I went into a charity shop I never went into coz I was a bit early for an appointment - and there from the other side of the shop I saw a pair of shoes. It was as though my gaze had been directed there. Well I went up and saw the perfect pair of shoes right colour and unworn etc. Then I looked at the size - my size. No mean feat when you are size 8 like me! They were even from Per Una and cost me £3.50! I was gobsmacked. Ok they weren't very comfy but who cares :)

    It's all very strange isn't it?

    Bev xx

  • Hello Physic Bev

    Can you give me the lottery numbers for next Wednesday, will be very appreciative if you can as I am still trying to get together five million to pay for my room on the World Cruise boat, could get away with one million although they say we need the five million to survive on the ship Lol.

    In anticipation !!


  • Tee hee hee Bob. Well I want to win the lottery first, but after then you can ok? I will only charge you 20% commission. :D Bev x

  • Hello Bev

    Will negotiate !!!!


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