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2 days post op. Concerned and need help with circumcision


Tried contacting my surgeon yesterday still no call back even though he has been notified. Already so depressed crying today worried about pain when bandage is off and everything afterwards. Do i take off bandage in salt water? Only been told its fine to shower and apply chlorsig 4 times a day. I take one paracetamol before bed for erections and sleep fetal with knees up. 24 and had it done for phimosis. Really scared for pain after the glans are exposed. Just got me bandages, epsom salt and surgical tape and vaseline. Should i rebandage after every ointment use and shower everyday besides the one salt bath for the initial bandage? Or can i leave it exposed and just apply vaseline to the head with a gauze pad? My head is everywhere and i just want to know whats best and get this all behind me :(

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How old are you? Paracetamol are not going to prevent you from getting erections. The longer you stay without any form of sexual activity the more erections you get. If you have further questions either post here or you can pm and I will answer you the best i can as a Registered Nurse.

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Should i be having sea salt baths/epsom salt bath or a shower? I heard the baths are good for healing but not for my dissolvable stitches? Im also worried about my glans etc sticking to my underwear. How does that happen? Do i let it stay in my underwear or apply vaseline? Im 24. Also i tried washing off the glue but still have some sticky parts is that okay to leave till my next wash?

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