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Day 25 - annoyingly another circumcision update


Hi all,

Just when I thought I was in the clear!

My final stitch has come out, in area that has previously been problematic healing. It seems as though the stitch was lying coiled and flat on the surface, and it broke off like a scab in my sleep. Consequently there is now a small exposed area (circled in image) as though a scab has fallen off. Is this okay to allow to heal on its own? Or could it jeopardise the incision?

There’s been no bleeding from it, but there was a small liquify discharge when I woke up.

No signs of infection.

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Looks fine and will heal on its own don't worry about it. Just make sure it isn't attached to the glans.

It is so small that I think it will heal on its own. I am glad that your recovery is going well.

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