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Phimosis Concerns


Hi, I am a 19 year old Male. I have always suffered from a non-retractable foreskin since I was a child. I have never went to any medical help due to shyness and also due to the fact that I experience no pain whatsoever. The only downfall I currently face is the physical appearance which bothers me, especially when coming into sexual contact with other individuals.

I understand that there are several types of Phimosis, according to this article and the diagrams that it presents, mine lies under type 3: phimosisjourney.wordpress.c... . I am not sure whether this is a serious issue in which I should seek help immediately for it or if it is something mild and I am simply worrying too much about it.

As I already said, I feel no pain whatsoever which is one of the reasons why I never went to check it out.

Any help on the topic would be greatly appreciated as I can't seem to find a straight answer regarding such an issue. Thank you!

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Read my posts I had the same issue as teanager

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