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15 yr tight foreskin - swollen, red and sore

Hey I'm 15 and my foreskin could fully retract until about 3 days ago when I noticed a slight swelling, yesterday the swelling was worse and was sore I then noticed me foreskin wouldn't retract at all, I did a bit of research and I think I may have balantitis I decided to try my best to wash under the foreskin with cold water. this morning the swelling has not went away but has not gotten worse and there's less pain but the foreskin still will not retract, any advice? I don't know how to tell my mum about this so I haven't and would prefer not to

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Be patient. .?get some daktacort from the chemist or your doctor.

Maybe speak to your father


Ross, there's more on balanitis here:

Tell a parent if you can. Or get in touch yourself with your GP.


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