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Joint pain and weakness when keeping foreskin retracted


Anyone experienced numbness in legs and joint pain while keeping foreskin retracted? I also feel weakness overall doing that.. strange though!

No such thing happens when erected or having sex but when flaccid.

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That is a very strange symptom indeed. Are you certain there is a direct relationship with this? Have you seen your doc about this?

NHidden in reply to Tam_user

Havent seen the doc but yes m 100% sure its related to it as I pull it back to normal, it fades away!

Tam_user in reply to NHidden

Bizarre, no pain when you pull it? I suppose that could make you feel acutely weak.

NHidden in reply to Tam_user

No pain at all when pulling nor when erected and having sex...

Why not try wrapping your glans with gauze for a day and see if it's really related.

If it is, logically it will go away after your glans desensitized. If it's not related, you should consult with doctor, maybe it's caused by exhaustion.

NHidden in reply to xsocut

Not tried wrapping anything. I tried keeping retracted for almost a month that eventually caused thighs fatigue and ended feeling tremors in my thighs. Very strange! I pulled it back and gradually recovered from the symptom.

xsocut in reply to NHidden

avoid retraction then.

maybe constantly feeling the sensitive glans being stimulated for hours is somewhat causing exhaustion.

OsidgeModerator in reply to NHidden

I doubt very much whether there is a physical link between retracting your foreskin and all the physical symptoms you are describing. I would see your doctor as soon as you can. In my view there Is either a psychological issue or something else going on.

There seems to be no logical reason for these symptoms. It would therefore be a good idea to consult your regular doctor about what's happening.

That is a very strange symptom indeed. I’ve kept my foreskin retracted many times, sometimes for weeks, and it doesn’t really effect anything apart from my glans drying out and skin flaking off.

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