Meningitis Now

My Iona Monster

My Iona Monster

Iona was to breathe by herself when they said she won't.

Iona was to wake when they said she couldn't.

Iona was to recover from mild addiction to morphine.

Iona had to relearn all the things we take for granted that a 19 month old toddler can manage to do, come to think about it EVERYTHING from when being born.

Iona learnt to swallow liquid again, before attempting solid food.

Iona learnt how to turn her head, something that seemed impossible for her at the time.

Iona learnt to raise her head and use her arms , so painful to watch as she struggled to master this.

Iona fell ill time and again with the meningitis that devastated her in the first place, despite being flooded with very powerful IV antibiotics. Something the doctors said "Shouldn't happen"

Iona mastered all the things she was robbed of during that time, it wasn't to happen overnight but she did it.

After that we found Iona to be robbed of her hearing and her balance, a new fight another hurdle. We tried to kid ourselves it was a small price to pay, given her initial prognosis.

Iona received a cochlear implant aged (almost) 3 years old (right ear), a second one (left ear) July 2010.

Iona continues to make progress and slowly but surely masters the things she wants to.

Iona has a good vocabulary in sign language and a growing vocabulary in spoken word and understanding of hearing spoken word.

Iona can trampoline and make the grade for styles and turns, something which is amazing really when you consider she struggled to walk to the middle without falling over when she first started.

Iona has mastered swimming to a level which I never thought she would, again balance being her biggest opponent.

Iona my eldest daughter, born to achieve, lives to prove wrong, continues to succeed.

If ever you ask me how I am, I will tell you I am fine, for always a little part of me is still in St.Mary's PICU willing Iona to recover. It is then when I realise how lucky I really am. Even when times are a struggle.

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Totally in tears reading this you have a beautiful wonderful daughter and i wish her and your family all the best in the future xx


My heart goes out to you, your family but most of all to your precious daughter - what an inspiration and a brave little soldier. Our little girl, now 8 years old, has had pneumococcal meningitis twice now and like you, we still struggle to come to terms with the terrible times sat by her bedside willing her to come round and watching her little body being shut down by this horrible illness. Luckily, Ellie has not suffered any after effects - apart from nightmares and outbursts of crying and worry about it coming back and for that we thank the angels that must have been with her throughout. I hope your little girl continues to prove wrong and continues to succeed - she sounds a very determined person and I admire her every word, every step and every hug that she is able to give you. Whenever I hear a parent scold their child or hear them wish they would 'leave me alone' - I often tell a tale or two of people we have met through Ellies illness and tell them how lucky they actually are to have a healthy child who is able to be naughty or bug them for attention!

Some people say they wish lady luck would help them win the lottery or win a new job - we always say that we have had all of our luck by still being able to hug and kiss our daughter every night at bedtime xx

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Thankyou for sharing your post it was really beautiful to read and filled me with tears, Iona sounds an amazing inspirational strong little girl.


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