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will my meningitis com back after 24 years

hi im mark i had meningitis C when i was 13 months old was 50/50 with me.. my mum said i went 3 times and they had to bring me back.. i had brain fluid taken from around my brain... all my life i have had a fragile head the slightest knock will give me a migraine. if i shake my head or turn my head to fast my head hurts... could any one give me a answer thank you

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Not sure if its of any help but I had Meningicocal septicaemia back in 2006 and as a result had to have both legs amputated below the knee, I asked this question myself and the answer I got from the consultant was that you get no immunity from this illness once you have had it so potentially it could come back.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news




It is very rare to contract meningitis more than once (particularly bacterial), but it is possible.

Most people will develop immunity to the organism that has caused their disease. For example if you have had meningococcal C your body will have developed some antibodies against this type.

However, because there are several different causes of meningitis it is possible to have meningitis more than once.


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