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Bacterial Meningitis, Sceptacemia and Type 1 diabetes

Does anyone know if there has ever been any research done on adults who have had Men B and are also Type 1 diabetic?

The reason I ask this is that I contracted Men B in 2011 and anytime I seek advice or am referred to specialists regarding my recovery and ongoing fatigue, joint problems, memory/concentration difficulties etc... I am told it could be either the Men B or the diabetes causing these issues.

If anyone knows of any research or specialist who may be able to help answer some of my questions I'd love to hear from you.

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Hi Soxy. All the problems you list (and others) I suffer from post Bacterial Meningitis and septacemia since May 2011. My understanding is these are likely to be ongoing but can subside with time but that can be several years rather than months. I am not a Type 1 Diabetic so do not know the added impact of that. Many of my problems are because I sustained frontal lobe brain damage although I think what you are experiencing is to be expected post bacterial meningitis. I have been told some after effects I suffer are unlikely to now recover and I have gone through a bereavement process to grieve for the old me and to accept the new me and how l manage life now. Talk to the Meningitis Trust as I am sure they can reassure you that what you are experiencing is not at all unusual and answer your questions. The specialists you have seen sound as if they have given you the correct answer and I am not sure anyone could tell you anything else with any certainty. Best wishes for 2013.


My husband suffered bacterial men in December 2010 and also had a bleed on the brain at the same time he has since suffered with a constant headache, hearing loss, tiredness and his memory is not to good. He has seen several consultants and had numerous scans to do with his headaches and all seems normal. What I do know is that there is no quick fix my husband left hospital being told that he would be nearly back to normal after 6 weeks and this couldn't have been further from the truth!!!! His side effects do seem to have lessened over time but have not gone completely and when he is tired or stressed hit him hard and knock him for six again. I would also say speak to the trust as they have been able to offer help not for just my husband but all the family. Good luck and I hope things starts settling down for you soon. Since the meningitus he had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetis and sleep apnea.


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