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anyone have Eosinophilic Menengitis,

this is what the Dr.s diagnosed me. This after 4 facet joint injections for NECC's wonderful products.

had last injecting a couple of week before surgery on my neck, went home, crashed, and don't remember anything for the next five days, of a 26 day hospital stay, 14 in rehab

seems like no one want to elaborate, or answer questions.

Thanks for post, Jay

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Sorry I dont know anything about this type of meningitis,in fact have never heard of it.I do know that any procedure which goes near the spinal column carries a risk of Meningitis,so perhaps this is where you got the bacteria? I know someone who got Meningitis after spinal surgery.

Perhaps the Trust could help here oryou could google it?Seems to me the doctors should be telling you more?

Its good you have found this forum.You are not alone,so feel free to share and we willall try to help you out.


To give a little background information, eosinophilic meningitis is used to describe someone with meningitis who also has an increased number of eosinophils in their cerebral spinal fluid (eosinophil’s are a type of white blood cell). This is determined by lumber puncture (spinal tap) and is a relevantly rare finding.

One of the most common causes of eosinophilic meningitis is meningitis caused by parasites however there are a number of other causes including fungal meningitis.

Signs and symptoms are similar to other types of meningitis. Treatment may differ depending on the cause.

Hope this helps,



I had this type of meningitis 9 years ago, it was caused by a parasite traveling up my spinal cord. Sorry, can't be of much help. Good luck!


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