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viral menengitis

i was in emergency with vm back in october, sent me home stating it was my rhuemotoid arthritis. a week later wnet back in again sent me home. towards the end of december still feeling terrible, they kept me in to find that i had vm. i was in hospital for 6 weeks, and sent me home with the nurse coming in every day to change my iv bag with medicine for two weeks. after that i was left with numb feet and toes, and could hardly walk. how long does this last.

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Sorry I can't help as I had pnuemococal meningitis. Was in hospital for just over 3 months having been in an induced coma for 5 weeks. It is all a bit rubbish. Have good and bad days. Hope you have more good than bad.

All the best.



It's very early days still I'm 4.5 yrs post vm, the first 3 yrs were terrible...... I was ill, my frustration caused anger & delayed my recovery I'm sure, so I decided to get d-stressed... I decided to slow down, truly nurture myself, I looked into & practised mindful meditation,deep breathing techniques, shiatsu, Bowen therapy...... Anything that made things better for me.... These may not help you but I'm sure the right thing will come to you when your ready. It is a long road I still suffer with dizziness/ h aches balance issues, I'm just not the same person anymore but I've accepted & come to terms with it... That's half the battle..

Thinkin of you

Siobahn x


thanks for writing me back. my feet, balance and brain issues are the worse for me. i am sure there are a lot of worse people then me, but it is difficult for me. i find that the doctors really can't give me the answer i want. thanks again.... barbara


i wish you well


Hello Barbara. I'm so sorry to read of your nasty experience and that you have rather marked on going trauma. I don't know if acupuncture may help your numb feet. I've not tried it myself but I have heard of someone with nerve damage in their feet that has had benefits from this therapy. Do research a good therapist in your area. ( I know that foot spars are a bit of a joke but you may find one soothing.) If you are part of the NHS you maybe entitled to a Podiatry visit, if not they are expensive but maybe worth investigating. A community physiotherapist may also be a possibility although you should already have seen one in hospital especially with your mobility difficulties.I hope you have a good GP/Doctor who should be helping you. You have every right to be fed up but don't get so low that you can't pick yourself up again which is so easily done. I have had VM and I'm fighting back with my immune system and prayer! I've posted before about John Bergman- he has lots of advice on Youtube. Revelation TV (also internet) has a weekly 'Get well stay well' program which is interesting. These will lead you into further information. I think that all of us feel a sense of isolation with these less obvious but debilitating 'after shocks'. Seek a positive thought every hour. I find Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers so good for this (ignore the hype- they have good things to say) xx


Hello. I understand your frustration. I am 2 years post VM and my numbness is in my face. I have determined that it is associated with stress. When I feel anxious I can feel it creeping in. Since I have started taking omega 3 on a regular basis and exercising as well it has become less frequent. I hope you find some relief. I am sorry you are struggling. Prayers to you.


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