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Common cold-type viruses

Hi, everyone gets the cold viruses now and again. Does anyone know whether having had viral meningitis has made recovery from common viruses more difficult?

I generally get over them in a couple of days and whilst it's still not long, at around a week, it's 3 times longer than usual and I still feel as though it's only just getting going!

I realise that it could be a brand new one I've not experienced before but wondered whether anyone else has seen the same change in ability to fight them off.

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you may find that you will need to take Zinc and Vit c, more so to fight it off, as your body has been threw so much x


Oh yes, it seems every virus I get turns into some kind of infection, that takes forever to fight. I have been fighting a uti, which turned into kidney stones, which now they found e-coli, for 2 plus months. I'm afraid it is something we will fight the rest of our lives. I have changed my diet and added lots of vitamins, so I will see if it helps.


Yes, you are so right. I was told when I had counselling with the meningitis trust that most cold viruses and normal everyday viruses or problems like mild food poisoning or food allergies are enhanced and you can reckon on 3 times the length of time it usually took you to recover. Annoying, especially if on holiday and you get a tummy bug, feels like you are going to ill for the rest of the time away.. and usually are! I think using stuff to enhance your immune system is good, fresh air and sunshine (however cool it is) are also great immune boosters I feel.


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