What alternative therapies can people recommend that would help with head and back pain?

I tried sacral cranial therapy, and it aggravated the pain rather than helping, but other people have recommended gentle aromatherapy or head massages might help. It would be quite nice to have a short regular treatment, even if the effects are more placebo / emotional soothing, than actual pain management.

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  • Hello

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing head and back pain. I wonder if your GP has suggested a referral to a pain clinic for you, if not, this may be something you wish to explore.

    With regards to therapies (see below for an explanation of therapies), we are not able to recommend a specific therapy. What we do know is that a number of people who have been left with these types of after-effects have told us that they have benefited from complementary therapies such as cranial osteopathy and acupuncture. Perhaps others reading this blog will have more suggestions?

    We may be able to provide a financial grant to help with the cost of a complementary therapy. If you would like further information on our grants, please do give our helpline a call on 0800 028 18 28.

    I hope this helps

    Claire Donovan

    Community Services Nurse

    NB An alternative therapy is a therapy used instead of conventional medicine. A complementary therapy is one that can be used in addition to, or alongside conventional medicine.

  • this sounds mad, but vick is great, it helps cool the area, ok you will smell like you have a cold all the time, but it is a great helper, also i found the cheapaest place to buy a tens machine for pain is Lloyds chemist, i have scare tissue at the base of my spine, so when at work, and can put in under my shirt, no one can see and set it ok (LOL not just for woman with child) simple and easy to use, ok warning, never start the high level, it can feel wired, try setting low and work you way up ps just been on goodle they have an offer of for £14.99 instyead of £29

    hope this helps


  • We have great results on back pain and problems from having hippotherapy ( physio on horseback). Don't know where you live and the availability of it in your area though. Hope this helps.xx May be worth contacting your local riding for disabled centre to see if they offer it.

  • I had viral meningitis in May and had 6 sessions of acupuncture since and now I'm much better with few headaches. Going back to sort out my back soon :) I'm only 16 so definitely don't want this all my life!

  • I had viral meningitus in July 2011. Ive had six sessions of Acunpuncture ( they really helped with my energy levels ), I have had seven sessions of Cranial Osteopathy ( I have had pain after most sessions ) but the good days have expanded after each session. I have also been doing meditation and thats really helped me cope emotionally ( Mindfulness meditation therapy ).

    I think its good to try different things that work for you as everyone is different but Im a strong believer alternative therapies do make a difference !

    Good luck with it all

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