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Viral Meningitis Headaches

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I got viral meningitis in 2012,went to ER,104.7 temp,they gave me ice blankets and intravenous antibiotics.Came home 1 week later and had to give myself antibiotics through a pic line they implanted.Long story short,i got better eventually.Took about a year.Only problem is i still get very bad headaches every day or so.I have to take 4 motrin and a ice pack a couple of times almost every other day.Pain meds don't seem to help,but i know too much Motrin is not good for your body. it's been 12 years since i got it.My Neurologist says it takes 15 years for the brain to fully heal.Has anybody had to deal with this.Viral is supposed to be not as dangerous as Bacterial but i was pretty bad.Thank You.

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I had viral meningitis in 2015 and i amStill recovering. The headaches, my low low energy and getting other things on top of it all because my immune system is not functioning well at all. I know ofher people thru this and viral meningitis can be just as destroying for the brain.

I had viral meningitis in 2019. I still get more headaches then I used to. I still have very tight muscles and spasms more than normal.

I can tell you mayofasical release massages have been helpful with the tension and muscle release. I know In the beginning I had lots of headaches at that time my neurologist suggested preventative medications versus having to take OTC meds daily. Maybe that can be an option.

I am 20 years, this year, since having near fatal VM and I have lived with an ongoing headache since the initial attack. It varies in intensity, worse when I'm tired and when I'm stressed I also get recurring attacks of VM (known as Mollaret's). My neurologist said that if I still had the after effects, including the headache, after 5 years then the chances are that I would have them for life. It's not a life sentence though, I have completed 4 half ironman and several shorter triathlons and I run my own consultancy business and the way I cope is to recognise that 'normal' is a fluid state.

I listen to my body and don't try and push through like I did in the first years of my recovery and this helps. If I need to rest, I rest and when I can do more I do. It can take time to get used to but it may be a case of resisting it and learn to work around the headache, easier said than done I know. Good luck, Jonathan

Your experience sounds similar to mine. VM, ice packs, pic line. I started getting migraines after. Cutting out gluten, wine, and dairy helped me and I have Nurtec to help with breakthru headaches but honestly if I am really careful about gluten I don't have to worry.

I had the same problem with headaches bu they eventually went away. Nowadays they come back when something is wrong- sickness, physical injury, etc. I had people recommend injections of Ajovy and Emgality on this site. They also suggested Nurtec or Fioricet when feeling a headache coming on. Hope this helps!

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