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Post viral meningitis headaches

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This is just a quick question really, how long after you had viral meningitis did the headaches disappear? I've been out of hospital just over a week but it has been three weeks since the symptoms first appeared (I stupidly didn't go to the doctors for 4 days thinking it was just a migraine) and I am still getting neck and head aches, especially when I try to concentrate on university work. I'm getting really fed up with it now, they aren't bad headaches for the most part just there and annoying, I am hoping to start lecture again next week so I would really appreciate it if this headache will do one already.

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If you read through some of the posts on here you will see that ongoing VM headaches are a problem that most continue to suffer. How long for you is impossible to say because everyone is affected differently. For some they resolve in a few weeks or months but for others the headaches continue much longer with a few finding they are ongoing. You need to continue to take regular pain analgesia medication to keep the headaches at bay as much as possible. Again what works varies from one person to another and it is trial and error to find what works best for you.

You say you have only been home from hospital for a week so it is very very early days for the infection to be resolving and your meninges to be recovering and settling back down. Although their is a lot of misunderstanding amongst medical professionals about VM who can sometimes be of the opinion that it is no worse than flu and recovery is similar, with no lasting effects, that it not correct. It does take longer for your body to recover. Are you sure that you are recovered sufficiently to be resuming your lecturing next week??!!. personally I think you should be getting your GP to sign you off sick for a few more weeks at least. Please don't set back your recovery by trying to resume work and all life's commitments and demands too quickly.

I would suggest that you contact the Meningitis Now helpline - Freephone 0808 80 10 388 to get advice and talk things through with them. They can also send you info about vm or take a look at their website

Best wishes

I was going to try going to lectures on Monday as I only have two and they are one hour each and there is a big enough gap between then to go hone and have a nap or what ever if I can't cope I'll get my note extended but I can't really miss much more as I'm going to be lucky to pass this semester now as it is.

Hi I totally agree with Strawberry Cream. VM effects everyone a little different. I know myself if I'm rested & avoid as much stress as possible, headaches are minimal. Stress & fatigue bring on the headaches ! Be sure to make yourself important!!

Hi, I'm so very sorry to her you've had VM and hope your recovery goes well for you. I have to say I totally concur with StrawberryCream's reply. I don't wish to 'throw old water' on your desire to return to your normal way of life as soon as you can but you have had a very serious illness and I think your GP should have given you more time to rest and recuperate, by way of a longer sick note and maybe even a referral to a neurologist. I had VM, with complications admittedly, in 2011 and I'm still taking Topiramate for my head pains. Were you asked to go back to the hospital for a 6 week post-hospital check-up? I believe it's when they do the statutory hearing test too and you are able to ask questions etc. I never had that opportunity so, it might be worth taking it, if/when it's offered to you. Do contact Meningitis Now, as StrawberryCream suggested; I did and they were marvellous. Good Luck with your studies and best wishes for a speedy recovery :)

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rbarlo32 in reply to Covenham

I haven't been asked or told to go back to the hospital or the doctors and I haven't had a hearing test, though thankfully I don't think my hearing has been effected, I think my eye sight is worse but I'm going to wait a couple more weeks for any residual swelling to go down before getting my eyes tested. I went to a lecture yesterday and was okay, I'm still very much taking it everyday at a time and I do still get headaches and dizziness but they are both mild enough that they don't really effect me much and thankfully I only have between 1-3 lectures a day at most and have the afternoon off.

If it all possible, go to your faculty advisor and drop one or two classes or more that are hardest. This will be the best decision you can make right now. Either drop all or keep one or two that will not stress you out. You can take more hours in the Summer to make up for lost time. Your health and understanding that there is no way to know how long recovery will take is more important.

It is still early in the semester and there should not be a penalty for dropping classes in February. At the very least drop the classes that they will allow you to retake when you are better.

About me. 42 YOA male professional with my own business. I spent 10 days in the hospital December 2012 to January 2013 with meningitis. (bacterial unknown). I had headaches every day for the first 18 months of recovery. I wore out a bottle of acetaminophen. I drank coffee nonstop (coffee is a vasodilator and opens up the capillaries in the brain) and took blood pressure meds to try and reduce the pressure in my head.

The first three months back at work, I could do nothing but about 2 hours a day. Answer mail, file papers, return calls. Nothing complicated or difficult. It just gave me a headache or made my headache worse. As I began to do more, headaches would pop up from time to time for no reason. Neuro had no answers.

Finally, I changed doctors and he put me on a Geriatric Prescription Vitamin called Cerafolin NAC which is designed to cross the blood-brain barrier. After 6 months on that I was able to stop taking blood pressure medicine. I still get headaches from time to time but not everyday.

Lastly, you can private message me if you want and I can talk to you on the phone.


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rbarlo32 in reply to SilverCharm

I can't drop any of my modules we are only allowed to take the right amount to get the credits we need to pass (I'm in the UK), I have spoken to my lectures (well most of them) and I have filled out a form so I will be allowed an uncapped resit if I fail my exams. Our university year ends in May, we only have about 5 weeks of lectures left before our exams now as we have a 3 week holiday in 3 weeks time, the year is going incredibly fast and I some how need to pull my grades up from last semester if I want to get into vet school. Thankfully I think I had viral meningitis mildly because even though I have headaches most days they aren't requiring pain killers.

I coped with my lecture yesterday okay, I did get the occasional headache but nothing too bad. I'm taking everything very much on a day by day basis and I haven't ruled our deferring until next year.

Hi lovely i had bm and was in hospital for nearly a month with numerous things as youll get from my posts.

Try not to stress or worry and let thinngs take its course. This is my fifth month now with after effects, and as many problems that i still have i look back and keep getting better.

I never thought id be able to hear out of my right ear again but i can it will just never be as normal as it was or as my left and gradually with time my balance and dizzyness is better.

I have a lot of ear pain and different head pains/aches/throbbing etc aswell as other problems but ive been told they may never go or may just last a year and go with time so you get used to managing things.

I cant concentrate very well its takes its toll and my eyes are quite bad and im waiting to see an ontoligist for my eyes. I also have apointments with pyhsios, infectious diseases etc and im looking to be trying to go back work within the next couple of weeks doing a different job for just two hours a day of light work to see how i go.

You get headaches from concentrating, your eyes can hurt and go blurry and headaches from stress and worry to i do anyway.

Take your time and everything and everyone is different.

Some problems ive only just started to notice the more i do and some were always there and still are.

Take care

Hope this helps 🤗

Topiramate 2x a day, tiger balm on neck and forehead several times a day, hot yoga, heating pad on neck, drink lots of water.

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