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Covid high risk after BM?


Hello to everyone.

Does anybody been informed by a doctor if children or adults that have had bacrerial meningitis and hacve recovered, are more high risk in cae they contract covid?

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No, why have you? If so please share your experience so that others can be informed and aware, thank you

euagelia in reply to Caroline-T

Hello,No i have not been informed either. In my country not much is said or well known about menengitis, that is the reason of le asking this question..


Hello,As covid-19 is still a relatively new disease, there are still a lot of unknowns. However, we have put together some information about this here:

(NB as we are a UK charity this information is based on UK guidelines)

euagelia in reply to MNClaireD

This was really helpful and clear enough. Thank you.

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