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Ongoing pain


I have been feeling alright for a few months now (apart from a week or so every month). Over the last few weeks, I keep running into the wall! I am exhausted. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary, but I feel so tired and achy.

A month ago, I had excruciating head pain and thought I was getting viral meningitis again. I ended up being violently sick and had head pain for 4 days. The doctor suspected a tension headache and prescribed amitriptyline. At least once a week since, I have ended up with overwhelming exhaustion.

I have CFS/ME since getting viral meningitis 2 years ago. I just feel fed up with the highs and lows.

I was seeing a cranial osteopath up until covid lockdown. She isn't taking appointments at the moment. Do any of you struggle with CFS/ME as a result of viral meningitis and if so, what do you do or take to help.

I am currently on monthly B12 injections, omprazole, sertraline, naproxyn (when I need it) and now amitriptyline, but I feel like the doctors just fob me off with more medication. Any natural treatment or remedies would be better.

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It is really hard when you are fatigued and in pain. I am 12 months post bacterial meningitis and septicemia. My body has never tolerated medication well. I have found the medical model inadequate in aftercare of this illness. I have had cranio sacral massages initially which helped fatigue a lot. Later I had several Bowen therapy sessions which helped a lot to get me well enough to return to very part time work. I take probiotics vit b6 b12 folic acid vit c vit d iron supplements and nattokinnase. I have begun homeopathic constitutional treatment a couple weeks ago and omg - feeling like a toy bunny with a new battery in! Homeopathy treats whole person and stimulates body to heal itself. I had to ask my Dr to do blood tests to check all my iron n vit levels. I discovered my iron was low! I also have surrendered to RESTING. I sleep 😴 more now. I no longer push but just love myself as I am and accept that when I am needing to go slow, I go slow! Its a journey of loving myself and stopping the doer pusher and learning to love just Being. Much love sent yr way 💖

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Ps The homeopath was an online consult.

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