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The duty nurse told me I did not have meningitis and sent me home

I had been feeling unwell for a while putting it down to the flue type symptoms that were going around. On wed 20th May 2013 unusually for me (I am always hot) I could not stop my teeth from chattering I was shaking with cold and had a violent headache I started to be sick. The next day I continued to feel worse and decided to see if a bath would warm me up and I noticed I was covered in a rash.

I quickly rang my husband to come home to take me to the Dr as I thought it was Meningitis. While I was waiting I packed my bag and got my medication and repeat list ready expecting to be sent to hospital. The duty nurse told me I did not have meningitis but had a winter vomiting virus. So I went home and continue to be unwell, that is the last I remember until Monday late afternoon.

Apparently in the evening my husband came to check on me and my eyes started to roll and I collapsed in my hall. A friend from church happened to ring my husband at that moment so he was able to ask for prayer support. On being admitted to hospital they put me straight on antibiotics and into an induced coma while they started to do tests. Although my husband gave them all my info and meds I was admitted as an unknown patient. My daughter had taken my husband to hospital in her car and it took them two hours to find me.

On Saturday after they had done a lumber puncher they tried to wake me up, but I did not wake until Monday late afternoon. I had double vision and did not have the strength to turn over or move up the bed. By Wednesday they had removed the oxygen all the tubes except one, and I got out of bed and by the evening I managed to walk to the toilet with help.

I was moved out of critical care onto a ward the next evening, I asked to see a consultant about my vision but told as it was Easter no one was on duty and to see my Dr after Easter. I was discharged after my last antibiotic early evening on Good Friday.

My double vision went about two weeks ago, my headaches are getting less, but mood swings and Oh so very very tired. There had been a prayer conference at my church the Saturday I was in hospital followed by a 24/7 week of prayer. Many churches around the world are praying for me and I thank God for my good recovery.

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i am so sad to hear what you went threw, the ambulance crew who was called out for me, kept asking my mother if i had been drinking, so when i arrived at the hospital he passed his thought on to the nurse, who stuck me in a side room because what he said, well will go on about it. as this blog is to help others. YES you will be very tired, do not over do things, change your diet may have to happen, more fish, and veg (all the boring foods) less coffee etc, a lot more water, and Vitamins, re headaches headaches (avid hot places and the sun) vic on temples or ice sticks from chemist can help. Mood swings, well where does one start, this seems to hot everyone, i thought at the start it was anger from me, for been treated so badly and so many drugs pumped in me, but after been on this site for 18 months, its a pattern that most of seem to go threw when i feel one coming on, i use a code word Frogs ha ha, this lets people know its not them it is me, and then they know i am going into a mood, lower their voice, and try to darken a room i am in , sound and light can set them off. when i am at work, i have to tell myself, OK hon, you cannot mood swing with your client, i spray vanilla on me, to help me relax and stop the mood swing.

wear tinted glasses if out in the sun

i am happy that you have the support of the church, also reading stories on this site will also help you, thank god i found it when i was 1st ill, i thought i was losing the plot, until i read what was going on, now i use the site, to be their for others, as if it was not for people i talked to and read about, i think i may have ended up in the looney bin ha ha.

the main thing to keep in your mind, you got threw it, it will be a long path, many inner emotions to heal, and anger to get threw, but it looks like your church can help you there, good luck hon on your path of recovery, and be happy :)


Hi Tiga Thank you for your suggestions i will try them. Hope things get better for you soon. Netty7


that you netty7, i just laugh at everything now, hell if i wake up alive the rest of the day is a bonus


I'm so sorry to hear your story! My son had meningitis and they too kept telling me it was a virus, a few days later I noticed a rash and we took him to hospital to do the appropriate tests, lumber punch etc!

I can imagine what you have been through and I wish you a full recovery :)

Best wishes Katie


Hi Netty, First of all, Congratulations, you have survived!!! It is common to be misdiagnosed with meningitis as it can mimic other illnesses initially and some of the symptoms are absent in different patients. If they can, in fact, diagnose correctly, the speedier the treatment the better the outcome. If you are looking for prognosis, forget it!! This is a journey, an adventure, you may say, as you discover, on your way, the after affects that you are left with. They are as individual as you are and what works for one won't necessarily work for others. There will be occasions where you doubt your sanity but that is all part of the journey and adventure. You are strong and a fighter and obviously God is at work here with you, for you. Thanks for sharing. Kind Regards, Jeffery


Thanks everyone for your encouragement as you say i am so fortunate to be alive and basicly well.

Where my last drip was in my hand it is still very painful and the skin feels very strange it seems to be getting more painful has anyone had this?

Thanks for taking the time to share with me



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