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I've reasonntly been in hospital with a an infection at the back of head so servers all my face was hurting my jaw also it turned out I had severe encoclelitis which led to me having a stroke. I've now been put of hospital for 4 weeks and still not knowing how I got it.first 2weeks I had a crash team on stand by incase I had seizures which gladly I never. I've walked away from it all with only having dyssarthria which means I will need to learn how to speak again but I'm getting there a bit frustrating at times

9 weeks ago when all this started I went into hospital on the Sunday the Saturday night I was having the stroke all down my left arm and my left leg irritating but not sore I didn't know that was me having a y

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Cryptococcal meningitis caused me to have 2 small strokes. Thankfully no serious permanent damage was caused by either stroke, but the meningitis/fungus damn sure left some damage along the way. Stay optimistic, do what you can each/every day, listen to your body when it needs rest, eat balanced meals and drink lots of water. I know some people don't care for/believe in prescription meds, but I can honestly say without all the antifungal meds I was given I surely would've passed on by now as modern medicine surely has a rightful place. I mention this to let people know it's OK to take prescribed meds if it helps recovery as natural remedies sometimes do little to nothing for something on this level.

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