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Chronic Meningitis


Hi, New to the group. I suffer from Chronic Meningitis ( aka Leptomeningitis) as a consequence from Neurosarcoidosis. I have a red flushed forehead and sometimes down my face, my head burns inside my skull and makes my vision blurry and dizzy.

I am looking for something to help cool my brain and meninges, any suffer from similar and know how to handle it. Thanks.

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My vision is dizzy as well. Everything looks strange. It scares me so much.

have patient, have patient and have patient, consult your doctor regularly, these viruses disappear very slowly the process is very slow

so sorry your experiencing all these symtoms...its a hideous disease and we all hold out for a cure in the future hopefully sooner rather than later … I feel the natural remedys are much better to follow, I feel the ascorbic acid is helping me but I am over dosing on it …

I would recommend craniosacral therapy, acupuncture and magnesium & turmeric supplements. After one year of no success with all sorts of other things, the above have helped quite a bit for me. Good luck. I thought Aimovig (a once monthly injection) was the answer but unfortunately it failed me as well.

I agree: I would recommend craniosacral therapy, acupuncture and magnesium & turmeric supplements

I have had recurring meningitis for 50 years

I have Craniosacral Therapy (this has been amazing) gluten free, dairy free, caffeine free, alcohol free, diet of whole real foods only, Livertone plus, regular baths with epsom salts, naturopath consultations for immune function. Sandalwood, Eucalyptus and Geranium essential oils to help fight the virus. Oh I have Viral Meningitis. 1 year in and I am doing well. No headaches but have to watch I don’t over do things. Will take prescription painkillers if needed. Finding my body & mind balance. I also do swimming, yoga and diaphragmatic breathing. I’ve learnt a lot about myself. Only just found this sight. Great to get a greater understanding of these viruses. Take care everyone :)

Do not wait and do not be patient. I waited 9 months. Seen a Neurologist. Topamax tablets is all you need. Don't even wait on a waiting list. Ask your Dr for them now. Explain your symptoms and say you would like to try them. Apparently they take weeks to work. I was on could 9 catch up straight away!. Best wishes x

Emerald8888 would these tablets help me? I lost all my right side hearing and 70% of my left and the worst is my balance is rubbish...which means I can't ride anymore and as I was a horse riding instructor the impact on my life is huge. Thank you

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