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Hi all,

I find this page whilst researching everything I can about bacterial meningitis just hours after my wife’s confirmed diagnosis(this came after a week of symptoms and being misdiagnosed on two separate occasions in the past 6 days). My wife has suffered with excruciating headaches and all other associated symptoms you would expect, less the tell tale rash. One thing that has happened is that she has developed double vision with her right eye being completely unable to look right. Has anyone else suffered a similar side effect, and in my ever optimistic state did it become better or recover fully after treatment. I know that she has a long journey to recovery ahead and would love some first hand knowledge on how I can best help her in the future. Thanks in advance

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Hi there. I had bacterial meningitis February last year. I was in intensive care for a week but made what the hospital reported as a 'dramatic' recovery. I think it was the loving care from all my family that helped the most. You will have to be patient in the extreme as this is a rotten illness that manifests itself in so many ways. It sounds as though it is early days, so don't take anything that is happening now as necessarily being permanent. I have been left with a 'clogged' left ear, diminished sight in my left eye and my memory is diminished - interestingly I now find doing maths particularly challenging - whereas I used to enjoy figures! However, I'm alive..... It was touch and go. I had very bad headaches for a long time and finally they were 'cured' with acupuncture. I would strongly recommend a good practitioner and having more than one session. I am 68 now and considering my age and what happened I think I am doing pretty well. I do hope your wife continues to improve: not getting a prompt diagnosis must have been so distressing and I have to say that this website has been a HUGE source of help and encouragement to me. My GP was useless and none of the specialists I saw with resulting problems offered any clear advice or knowledge about the affects of meningitis. Good luck and please don't hesitate to get in touch again if you think I can offer any help.

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