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Numbness at Night While Recovering from VM

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I'm roughly 3 months post VM and have been having trouble finding information on a symptom I had during my recovery period. My doctors never thought anything of it, but for 2 weeks after I was out of the hospital, I'd wake up in the middle of the night or the morning feeling my body go completely numb. It would generally start in my toes and take about 10 minutes to creep up to my head. I could flop around like a seal and make various sounds with my mouth, but other than that I was nearly incapacitated and had no way of communicating what was happening to my husband. Has anyone else had this same thing happen? I'm terrified it will happen again anytime I wake up with my foot or arm asleep from a weird position.

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I would encourage you to seek medical attention. It sounds to me like an auto immune disorder.

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