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I was diagnosed with VM in December and started back to work in Feb on reduced hours until I was back working full time from home by the end of Feb. I'm still home working waiting for my neurologist appointment. The side effects I have had are hand tremmers to the point I can't sign my name, I don't like loud noises but no longer have photophobia but still have the usual tiredness but thats getting better, I'm no longer in pain and off Codine. Recently however I have lost my sense of smell so everythign tastes the same. I wore Dune perfume yesterday morning because I could actually smell it but by the end of the day it smelt like everythign else..Has anyone experienced this? And how long does it last?

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  • Hi MichelleC, I had bacterial meningitis 2 years ago and still need to have spicy foods in order to taste anything My sense of smell is slowly getting better but requires careful concentration and longer exposure time. Hang in there, it sounds like you are well on the mend. Kind Regards, Jeffery

  • Hi MichelleC I'm recovering from VM which I was diagnosed with the beginning of Feb. When I was first admitted to hospital we were asked detailed questions by a neurology team regarding changes in my behaviour that my husband may of noticed - we both agreed that I had lost my sense of smell. My son would have a dirty nappy & I couldn't smell anything at all. My MRI was perfect and I've never had a proper explanation for it, but certainly my sense of smell isn't what it used to be. It's starting to come back now.

  • I thought it was just me as I haven't read it on symptoms and side effect for anyone so at least I know it will come back It's just when ...initially when mine started my legs felt like it was full of water and it was an effort to walk, that lasted about a week have either of you experience that ..

  • Hi Michelle, I'm sorry I'm only seeing this now. I haven't experienced this symptom -yet! Mine keep changing. I am mostly experiencing on and off pain in the lymph nodes & glands on my head & neck which is being investigated further. It's very painful but I'm now clear of infection so I'm hoping it will settle back now. I'm hoping to go back to work after Easter.

  • Sounds like you're still suffering hope the pain stops and you begin to feel more like your normal self. I'm pain free so far apart from the odd headache but no pain killers required for those. Don't go back till you're ready I'm still working from home and if I feel rubbish I canlet work know I'll be off line for a couple of hours so I can sleep. Hopefully your work is supportive. I told people to read up on vm because there is lack of awareness and I feel sometimes people think I had a headache that's it. O have to see the neurologist next month for the hand tremners which is a lot more stable. Fingers crossed for all of us x

  • Hi, I got VM in December 2012, in fact new years eve night. Spent 11 days in hospital and about two weeks being unable to fly as I was on holiday overseas. It been some months now and daily i get headaches, neck ache and tiredness.Before I got VM I was very active, gym 5 - 6 days a week, running, climbing, karate etc. Now it is a struggle to do anything like that, my head really hurts if I try. I have returned back to work and on reduced hours, some days are fine others are a real struggle. It seems that if the weather is cold I get worse. I don't like loud noises or crowds and driving is hard. I dont have a sense of smell currently.Waiting and wishing for the day when I can say I have recovered.

  • Maxamus Omg you're still suffering alot. If you can Wfh I think that will help it certainly helped me, I fell asleep as soon as I felt rubbish I did hours a day my first week and gradually built up to full hours but I'm on a 36.25 week. My sense of smell is beginning to get to me now makes me feel sick if I open a window to get fresh air in the smell is so strong, I seem to be coming down with a cold for weeks ind day I'm sneezing then I'm fine then I have a runny nose my immune system is shot to sh*t. Although I'm not in pain I just don't feel right I got discharged by the neurologist Tuesday and told my side effects will settle but he couldn't say how long, but Jeffery on this thread is only now getting his back after two years :( are you seeing a neurologist for yours??

  • Hi, Michelle. Nope not seeing anyone. Got the hard shoulder from my doctor who sort of didn't believe me or didn't know what to say. After that I just felt I would self heal really, didnt want to be treated like I was lazy or work shy. My work has been really good, reduced hours has helped although my colleagues have no idea what going on. I get a few questions then they sort of wonder if they might get it from me, or ask me how i got it. I too am so sleepy these days, actually feel asleep at work once and had to go home. Worried it may take long to recover, love to just be over it soonest.

  • Hi there, I am 9 months after viral meningitis and mostly aching and fatigued. But still having trouble doing too much work. I think you cant talk about this to work people, they dont get it. Better we talk to each other on the forum as it helps make sense. Other people dont know how it is. Are you exercising yet? I can, but with modifications.

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