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So many questions!

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Hello all, i was recently diagnosed with viral meningitis. It was from the enterovirus which i keep hearing is the best kind of you habe to get VM. I was DC from hospital on Saturday. Today is my first day without a fever... yay progress!! I seem to be fine while i am laying down in the dark. I can only get up for a minute or 2 at a time. I'm wondering if this is going to be like a week... a month? Do i need to think about going on short term disability? I have never been ill before. I'm extremely active and have young kids, this is all so overwhelming. I see my PCP tomorrow...

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Everyone is different, but it takes longer than the 8-10 days google says, that's for sure. Rest as you are able. Fatigue and headache are common symptoms that persist for a bit after. I don't know if it makes a difference which virus is the cause. Mine was not caused by an enterovirus but I would imagine there are commons symptoms. Perhaps someone who has had enterovirus meningitis could supply more information.

Good luck! Hope you feel better soon.

Amrita xo

I don’t want to scare you but I had viral meningitis over 3 years ago and I’m still not 100. I recommend taking your time to go back to work until your really ready. I went back to soon and then had to go off work again. I will also say that a lot of doctors in the US believe viral meningitis is basically nothing and has no long term effects and that is not true at all.

I had neisseria bacterial meningitis when I was 13years old and almost died and viral has actually been worse for me as far as long term effects.

Just take it easy and really give yourself time to heal. You will feel very fatigued for at least a few months or longer. After 3 years I’m still suffering from chronic fatigue, headaches, word finding issues and memory issues.

Just hang in there.. sending you love and light

What kind of virus caused your meningitis?

I was dx with VM almost a month ago. I was told that I should be ok to go to work with 14days. I was advised to rest as if I was in the hospital with nothing to do when I was discharged. I did.Since being on rest I have had headaches, backaches ( Spinal tap site), trouble hearing on/off, blurry vision in/off, and a lot of brain fogs and speech slowed randomly. I saw my PCP last week and I'm out of work another month. She told me all of issues were after effects of VM. She referred me to Speech therapist ( haven't started therapy yet- waiting for them to call back).

I am getting better. I listen to my body when it's tired and rest. Everything is getting better. I noticed that when I over do it, everything slows down. My speech, brain fog starts, trouble multitasking. I rest and everything is back to normal.

It's very frustrating for me since I'm a busy body. I'm always doing something. I think my body was overwhelmed and stressed which lowers your immune system which makes it easier to catch things that can cause meningitis.

Everyone recovery time is different. Just take it slow. Listen to your body. Be open with your doctor. Some doctors actually understand (I got lucky).

If u work, don't worry about work. If u don't heal or take care of yourself and go back sooner it's bad for you and your job.

I tell job will be there with or without me. I have a family that needs me to heal and bounce back. If they give my job away or etc I will be ok. Because when I bounce back I can get another job. If I don't take care if myself, my family can't get another me.

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