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Lost Memories with Mollaret's?


I don't realize it until after the fact, but it seems that I have forgotten a lot of things lately. My husband has been so sweet and he didn't want to tell me last night, but I asked him to tell me. We were on the couch last night and I showed him a meme I thought was funny. He said, "You don't remember do you? You showed me that same meme about 3 weeks ago." I could have sworn that this was the 1st time I had ever seen it and I only showed it to him once.

I'm also forgetting to do mundane chores around the house like feed the cat. I am also screwing up at work, if I don't do it at that moment or at least write myself a note - I will forget all about what I needed to do.

Is this normal? Do you go through moments of memory loss?

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I had viral meningitis 9 months ago and I have quite a few memory issues. At work, I won’t even check my emails unless I have a notebook to write down everything. If it is not written down, I won’t remember. Same with personal conversations, I have to write down anything important. It seems less noticeable when I am well rested and not too stressed.

I'm almost 2 months post onset and my memory is shot. I can't do the complicated things I once did, like follow a complex recipe or figure things out. Typing is very difficult for me. It's like my brain has been reduced by 1/2. Hopefully it gets better with time. It is hard to hide, and I fear being found out and thought to be nuts or something. Hope it gets better for you.

It's good to know I'm not alone.

Hello, You can find my 28 year old daughter, Rosie S' Story, via the link on the forum stories from the home page.

We found that cranial massage worked wonders for her. Her job is working with horses on pretty much a daily basis and is very physically demanding.

It is rare for a story to be so positive and we have tried to let people know that this amazing complementary therapy worked for her. It helps release the spinal fluid which VM leaves a blockage for. Rosie is pretty much cured after around 10 sessions coupled with actupuncture, although found awesome relief after only one appointment. She is now free of all pain killers and antidepressants and feels right back to her old self.

We can only let you know what worked for her. It's not for all, but has now given amazing relief for many. It seems the success could be to do with the skill of the cranial osteopath you use. So it is important to find out the osteopaths credentials and experience in this specialised field particularly dealing with VM sufferers, if you can. (Not all osteopaths realise that this helps VM sufferers, it is often carried out on young babies with birthing problems). You need an osteopath and not a therapist who mearly has some training in cranial massage.

If you find you are getting the violent headaches and feeling lethargic and depressed after a few weeks, give this complementary therapy a go, it really could be worth it and save you being on prescribed drugs, along with months, years, of unnecessary suffering.

Kind wishes and best of luck

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