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Bacterial meningitis


Hi all I was admitted into hospital 4 weeks ago with bacterial meningitis I stayed for 2 weeks on antibiotics then I was sent home. Not much has changed still struggling to shower,eat and to do anything. I'm have always worked and kept very busy with helping with the grandchildren,visiting my elderly dad and doing all the house work and cooking. Now I do nothing and it is starting to depress me as I have always been very active. I know I should be happy as I nearly died if my daughter had not call into house on the way taking the children to school (as I was ok when my husband left for work). But I just want to get my life back to normal.

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I had bacterial meningitis in Jan I have been off work since I am now feeling better not back to normal but getting there it takes time I have had trouble with my blood pressure to high and my balance is still not right I know it is so hard you just want to feel better now just take every day at a time I really hope you improve soon

Thank you

I know how you are feeling. I was admitted to the hospital 7 wks ago with BM. I was there for a week, then at home on IV antibiotics for 10 days. Mine also struck suddeny with no warning. I was fine at work that day and at home that evening. I awoke in the wee hours of the morning with a headache klike someone was stabbing me in the head with a knife. I also have always been active. I began working while I was still in high school and have held a job since. I have enjoyed outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, floating the river, camping, State and National Park events. I enjoy getting and keeping the grandaughters every possible weekend and taking them out swimming, to the parks and playgrounds, and all kinds of fun and adventerous things. At the beginning of this I could barely take a shower and that would pretty mmuch be my chore for the day. Each day I found I could do a little more. Doing the dishes and sweeping and mopping one room was enough. I woud not push myself further. The other room could wait til the next day. I found out the hard way if I spent a whole day pushing myself (this happened a couple days ago), I relapsed, and spent 2 days laying on the couch feeling just like I did when I was in the hospital. I have struggled through bouts of depression, especially having to come to terms with knowing that I will not be able to return to my job anytime in the near future. But my faith has helped me so very much through this. The worse thhing about this is there are no answers. Nobody can tell you when you wil get better. In the 6 wks I've been out of the hospital, I have to reflect back to see it, but I am alot better than I was. I'm able to spend longer amounts of time in town running a few light errands, I can sit through church services more comfortably and enjoy them again, I attended my sister's wedding last weekend that was a 2 hour drive away and had a lovely time. I made sure to come strait home and get into comfortable clothes and do nothing ese that evening though. Rest is very important at this point. But try to dowhat small things you can in small incretements thtat bring you some type of joy. Go out and get an ice cream cone and eat it at a picnic table with a good book, do you have someone that can help you to get your grandkids for a short amount of time? Maybe 2-3 hours, and go to the park and watch them play. Let your friend do the work. You just enjoy. Buy take out to eat, don't cook. It's hard to come up with ideas because I daily am trying to come up with my own, and everyone is in a different place on what they can handle.

Thank you at least I don't feel alone I will try and do more but very slowly

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