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advice with the long term effects of bacterial pneumococcal meningitis

are there any parents on here, whos child had severe bacterial meningitis, where they had brain scarring and a blown pupil, my eldest, had the disease 2 weeks before christmas in 2015, and it was 5 days of suffering before the doctors even thought of meningitis, it was only after his pupil blew when they started the treatment, he was having seizures, very limp, in a coma, very pale.

he was already deaf in one ear, but we have noticed a few things concerning, he now needs glasses as his left eye started wondering, his speech is very under developed, he gets frustrated very easily over things that he never used to, lots of anger outbursts when he cannot solve something, his coordination doesnt seem fit for his age, (trouble climbing a ladder / stairs, falls over easily ).

can all this be because of the meningitis? he had it 3 times, december, feb and may (within 6 months).

no one i have talked to seems to know anything about meningitis, and getting an appointment at the RCH takes months.

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