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Help with follow up?


Can I ask how everyone had managed to get a neurophyscology report or any kind of follow up, I’ve really struggled to get any form of follow up for my daughter it’s been years now she’s 8 and I’m being battled at every point because they tell me they can’t just refer me even thought the tests showed menginnococcal type b at the time she was 2.5 when she got it and I’ve been part of the meningitis Now forum as well as meningitis research foundation all of which state I should of had some form of follow up for her and never been able to get anywhere with it I’ve managed to push the school to refer me to see a paediatrician and there reluctant to even do that, why doesn’t having meningitis alone mean that follow up is just done anyway....any advice welcomed 😊

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You are not alone with not having any follow up for your daughter. Is she struggling academically at school at all because, if you haven't already asked, the school could perhaps get the ed psychologist to do an assessment. Have you got specific concerns currently about her?

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