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Recommendations for easing tightness in scalp following BM


Hey all, following a bout of BM 2 years ago, every time I stand up or walk around for a slightly prolonged period of time, even just over an hour or so, I feel like my head in the form of a cap across the top of my head, starts to hurt. I then have to take a rest from what I'm doing. I can't say I've been able to handle doing anything for longer than that amount of time.

I've tried cranial osteopathy and I can't say that I've seen any difference which is unfortunate.

Does anybody have any advice they can give? Has anybody also suffered this since having meningitis? I would really appreciate to know how you all are handling this side effect and if it will ever get better with time perhaps?

Thanks so much 😊

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My husband had this done, and I have heard that others have as well, it could help you. My very best to you in healing!!!


Sab01 in reply to spouseM

Hi Michelle, thank you for your response. I will be sure to look into that too. Thank for the link👍

Hi I am so sorry you are still going through this. I had meningitis and encephalitis in August/September 2017 and I am having similar problems with my head i find I cant sleep on my bsck as it feels as though a vice is squeezing my head. I have to have a blackened room which I cant wait to get back too if I have to go out. I wear sunglasses outside my bedroom as i have light sensitivity. I find music relaxes me but not too loud.

I found cranial massage awful. My head and forehead is super sensitive

Sab01 in reply to jenny2448

Hi Jenny, I do believe that the pressure feeling will go away with time esp when you're trying to sleep!

Music is always relaxing and soothing.

I think people have had a hit and miss experience with cranial therapy. It's a shame.

I hope things get better with you with time. Just remember to rest and take it easy.

PLEASE make an appointment with Brian Tuckey at Tuckey and Associates Physical Therapy in Frederick, Maryland. This is NOT regular physical therapy. This is counter strain therapy. I had the same problems as you for 9 months post-meningitis and Brian has fixed this problem for me in three visits. It is worth the trip, money, and more to feel good again. To feel normal again. I wish you the very best.

Sab01 in reply to maryzjoseph

Hi Mary, thanks for your response. However, I live in the UK so that won't be possible or viable for me. I may look into the treatment though and see if we have anything similar here.


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