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Meningitis Now
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VM Meningitis 21 days diagnosed

Good morning. My problem started as a slight headache on December 16, 2017, I’m 52 years old. The headache turned worse the next day, light sensitivity, but could still function. The next two days it was extremely worse, major migraine, but pain was different from the previous migraines I had had. Definitely light sensitivity, band of pain around the back and front of my head, kind of pulsating, nauseous, very sore neck and some back pain. After cat scans and spinal tap I was diagnosed as having viral meningitis. I didn’t have a traumatic head injury since I was 5 years old, I do have an auto immune disorder and am assuming it is the reason I was susceptible via breathing in the virus bug from somewhere. After a few days after, the headaches / pain weren’t as bad, but continue along with other symptoms and have added occasional double vision, Spine pain and today one of fingers is swollen and hurts to bend (from the ibuprofen?). The only over the counter medication t helps is ibuprofen, 12 a day, but sometimes hurts my stomach. I’m not able to see a neurologist until April 2018 which is totally unacceptable. I live in Virginia, USA. I’ve been calling different avenues to be seen sooner because I’m sure I’ll lose my job and can’t afford not to work for any extended period of time. I also do better laying down then standing up, hurts to nod and get a little unsteady when standing. I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes for me in case it may help someone. My heart goes out to all who’s experiencing these issues. God speed to you all. Please keep sharing in case your information could help me. Thanks!!

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You definitely can not wait until April to see a neurologist!! Also, don't downplay your symptoms or pain level. Your quality of life is in jeopardy. Let the doctors know how bad you are. Scream & cry until someone gets you in to see a neurologist. You MUST not wait!


Thank you, I’m trying :)


I echoe what Kremeyafrican23 said. Don't play down symptoms. They are the same as mine with BM and it's no walk in the park. I attended regularly neurologist appts and still do. Been on a few different medication and may need to try others. They help to out mind at ease, by doing required tests and for me they also made referral to neuropsychology as I tend to have memory and concentration issues.

Also, this site has been very helpful. A lady commented on my post about cranial osteopathy and it did make a difference. I do need to find a new practice when I return to Ireland. Search on this forum and you should see a link to Rosie story.

I can still suffer from light sensitivity but it has greatly improved. Yours will also. I think it was September when I noticed I walked to lunch with no sunglasses on. That said, over the festive holidays I couldn't go out as I had a bad headaches and light sentitivity.

I put the shades back on, did some relaxation techniques, took my pain killers and out frozen peas on my head. Someone posted about a cooling cap, which I ordered today from amazon. Probably a little more comfortable than frozen produce. I'm learning ways to cope but please trust me, it has improved greatly over the last few months.

Give yourself time, it can be some months before you notice improvements or learnt ways to manage the pain. This forum, has been for me, a brilliant r source.

Take good care of yourself,

Ciara x


Thank you and I will give that a try when able. Today I went back to my doctor to see if they could prescribe me a medication other than ibuprofen. I wish they weren’t so condescending. Today’s doctor doesn’t thinks I have viral meningitis and that Ineed to stop taking ibuprofen. Dah!! Last week another doctor in that office confirmed I had viral meningitis and said I could take more ibprofen than what I was taking, even though I had asked if there was something else I could take at that time and wouldn’t talk to me unless I paid them for an appointment. Today’s doctor did prescribe topomax so I’ll see how it goes. She thinks it’s more of an anxiety problem which could be because I’ve been dealing with a mother in law with dementia and prolapsed rectum. What was upsetting is she made judgements of a list of things I should be doing which I told her I had been doing. Now she’s going to try to get me into a neurologist sooner which I told her, her office said they were going to do the week before. I really hate doctors. But will let y’all know how it goes. God bless you all!!!


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