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neuropsychology due to meningitis


Finally have an appointment next week for neuropsychology. Can anyone share their experiences with nuro psychology, did it help?

I have been struggling since returning to work with my memory, concentration and temper. I am very worried that, I may need to change my job or that I am let go by my employer. My role is very demanding and requires a lot of brain work and hours.

Not sure what expectations are for next week only that I want someone to understand.

Havr had daily headaches for over a year now, last night was bad that I went to bed with ice pack and a couple of amitriptyline. I feel that these tablets slow me down somewhat on the job. Does anyone know of other medication that would make me less sluggish?

I am being treated Ireland.

Many thanks

Ciara x

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Hey Ciara,

I contracted VM in July 2017 and like you was experiencing all the same symptoms, including photosensitivity to light which triggered headache which then triggered nausea so can understand how miserable it is. My poor husband has had to take the brunt of my low tolerance and short fuse!

Didn't do neurophysiology treatment but there was a couple of things I did do that I thought might be good to share with you. Shortly after contracting VM I started taking liquid chlorophyll (has a lot of minerals the body needs as VM seems to deplete us of it). I also started seeing a oestopath in September and did about 5 sessions with him. The treatment is a bit alternative but definitely has helped enormously. The Oestopath was very good at pinpointing exactly where issue in brain area was and worked on releasing/bringing my system back to normal. Oddly every time I saw him I would have an 'emotional' release of sorts and then start to improve each time, I guess it was the body's way of dealing with it! The guy I saw was in Dublin so not sure if that's close for you (name is Robert Feeney: Good luck with the neurophyscology I would be interested to hear how it goes too :)


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Thank you for your response. I will certainly ask about chlorophyll.

Shortly before Christmas I went to a cranial osteopath in town. I did feel a difference the days following but on the day, I decided I would go elsewhere. Found the four flights of stairs in period building too much for me. Your recommendation is only a short cab ride and will definitely get in touch with them.

How are you feeling now?


Oh brilliant no doubt you will benefit from it. I'm definitely much improved. Headaches nearly stopped completely along with photosensitivity. Still getting a bit of fatigue some days but it's improving bit by bit. With mood, much more good days now than bad (maybe once a week of feeling low but that's improving too). I still find I'm not able to take on too much at once mentally but I'm learning that I need to give my mind time to heal at its own pace, although patience was never my forte :) I've just started back exercising a little as well which has been a great mental boost and also tried gentle yoga stretches for the spine to help get the spinal fluid moving, that's also been helping if I feel a headache coming on.

Best of luck with it!


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