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My uncle has meningitis

My is facing this disease..... he in in ICU since friday he is kept in double ventilator....he is not responding to beginning doctors were unable to understand that what happening but later they diagnosed and found out that is meningitis...they removed the liquid from spine but... they got the liquid in condensed stage ...they are culturing it in lab and will soon start with tthe treatment.....his eyes is closed with tape they have tied his hands and legs.....we aren't understanding for what reson.... the is been given continuous that he is deep sleep.... is the treatment him right....his condition is so critical that we cant shift him to...another hospital..will he recover....please do reply we all are worried.....alot ....????

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They tied his hands & legs to protect him. They don't want him getting up & falling or pulling on things and sometimes meningitis patients become angry & combative. The infection is disrupting normal brain functions so they are protecting him by tying him down.


I am so sorry about about your uncle. They tie hands and feet so that he doesnt hurt himself. They may have to put him in a coma so he can heal and also more importantly so they can do the tests that need to be done. I hope eveything goes okay with him as there are many survivors out in the world.


Continue praying for your uncle. I had a sister who was 33 when she contracted this disease. I myself had asked the doctors to restrain her cause was hurting herself and people around her. Theit brain activity is nor normal now. She also was in a coma for 3 days unfortunately the fluid was way too much and doctors did not want to do anything anymore with her.

Your uncle has a chance. His families prayers will bring him through it.

Stay strong


I was in ICU on a ventilator and heavily sedated for 11 days with pneumococcal meningitis before they where able to wake me. they had also tried to wake me on day 2 day 5 day 7 day 9 then finally i woke on day 11 on all the other attempts it had just been to soon every time they tried to wake me i would start lashing out and hitting and becoming very agitated. I then I then spent a further 8 days in an isolation ward on my own. When i was first admitted to A&E i was very combative and had to be physically held down until they could get a line in which took hours because all my veins collapsed. Your uncle has a brain injury when they wake him he will be very confused will not remember things It was very touch and go that i made it but i did and im making a fairly good recovery. I hope your uncle will be ok and now that they know what he has that he can be treated correctly and make a good recovery


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