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Viral Meningitis from HSV

Hi, I’m in the first week of recovery from viral meningitis. This entire experience has been a rollercoaster of emotions, and finding this forum has made a world of difference for me. What I thought was a normal migraine one day had me in the ER getting a spinal tap 2 days later. (Which I had to ask for, I was going to be sent home with ‘migraines’). Anyway, during my recovery I have noticed a shooting almost painful tingling mumbling sensation in my arms and legs if I waited too long between doses of valtrex. Has anyone also experienced this? It alarmed me so much I went back to the ER. They had no answer for me. Thanks!

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Hi. When my menengitis hit it was exactly the same. And then I was told I had HSV2. I was in complete shock. Now I’m noticing the 2 times I have relapsed I think it’s form the hsv flaring. So I finally am diagnosing myself as the doctors are useless. So sometimes you are the best one to know what to look for. Your body will tell you. I’m 3.5 months now with 2 relapses. So I am in the same boat. Chin up is what everyone keeps telling me. So I say the same


Hi Jimmy, I completely understand wjat you are going through. I was hospitalized with viral spinal meningitis back in August. Fortunately I was treated straight away for it. ( except I waited at home with fever for 7 days before my ER visit). When I got home the pain in my arms and legs was horrible and I was on strong pain killers! The pain in my arms eventually eased after about a month. The pain in my legs however continued for about another month. My doctor told it was all part of healing from the meningitis. NOT FUN!! Hang in there and you need lots of water and REST,or. you WILL have a relapse. I am finally feeling like I am getting back to normal. It might be hard for your family and friends to understand what youare going through tho😐 . You might need to explain it to them. I know this must be a hard time ( around the holidays) to be going though all of this. I hope this helps a little bit . You are not alone. ....... Julie


I am seven months post, also have small fiber polyneuropathy, which is the leg and arm pain. I had those symptoms long before VM but diagnosed after. VM does exacerbate it.

If we t continues to be an issue suggesting you see neurologist.


I have the same thing down my right arm. Tingling and so painful. Like the circulation isn’t working properly it seems. I had Meningoencephalitis in August this year 2017. Everyday headache, which I’ve never had before this illness. It really takes over your life. I’m still not in work and also play rugby and can’t do that ether. On a downward spiral, very depressing times. Hope you find the answer soon as I would like some info on that xx


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