Ear pain

Does anyone have ear problems with VM. I️ feel like it is setting in my ears. There is so much pressure in my ears. It is driving me crazy.

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  • Hi, yes ear pain, pressure, cracking, not able to hear to extreme loud volumes that irritated me to tears, used ear plugs to dampen sounds. ENT dr not able to find cause. Using Claritin D everyday reduces pressure, also helps with dizziness. VM in june 2015. Nuero, MRI’S not showing cause, told it’s nerve damage? Still fighting ear problems , good luck to u and ur journey. I tried IV steroids, oral steroids, did not help, I hope u find relief.

    Take care


  • Hi, it is about 10 weeks since I was admitted to hospital with viral meningitis. I have actually lost partial hearing, but do not have pain in my ears. Almost deaf in the left ear and partial hearing in the right. They tried a steroid injection in the left ear but it didn't work. I have a 'fuzzy' head all the time and have poor balance. I have to have hearing aids and was advised by the Doctor that it would not help my balance problem? From reading various updates it appears we do not all have the same 'side effects' from VM?

    Best wishes

  • I️ agree. We all have different ones. I️ am so sorry for what you have went through. My left ear is what bothers me. It’s like there is pressure and ringing. Not really hurts all the time. Thank you for your response.

  • I have the same pressure and ringing. Went to an otologist who tested my hearing, which is normal, and basically told me I had to live with it. I use lipiflavenoid daily. Not sure if it makes it much better but definitely noticed it worse without. Also take sudafed when it's really bad.

    As an FYI I am 18 months post vm.

  • Thank you I️ will definitely look in to that. And that really sucks. 18 months omg. Well good luck to you.

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