Tubercular meningitis

I am from India. My brother is suffering from Tubercular Meningitis.doctors said he has grade 2 meningitis. He's under treatment from last month. But he still shows some symptoms like headache, shoulder ache, suffocation problem, gastric problem...

Are these things normal while on treatment?

Please reply quickly

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  • Hi...yes,that's normal...don't worry,it's the side effects of meningitis...

    i had meningitis over 2 years ago and i still have headaches,breathing problem,vertigo,memory loss,body pain,gastric problem

    Your brother needs lots of support right now...aftermath of meningitis is tougher han when he actually had meningitis

    Life is really tough after meningitis...hope your brother gets all the help and support

  • Thanks a lot for replying. It gives me support. I am just worried with his condition.actually he also suffered from alter sensorium while tapering his dose of steroid. If these problems are normal then it's a relief. I have one more query..his current csf study report shows protein 640. Doctor said it will be lowered as the TB reduces. Do you have any idea regarding this?

  • Sorry,i don't have any idea about protein levels...

    People in this forum have recommended cranial osteopathy for memory loss and focussing problems...

    I didn't have any luck in finding a osteopathic clinic...hope you can find one

    BTW, I'm also from India

  • How is ur brother now..?

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