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Am I going blind?

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It all started in Ohio. One headache that caused my right eye to see auras. It hit me with an intense headache and then went away. We moved down to Florida and they have gotten worse. Not only do I not have the auras in my right eye it has moved to the left eye and the middle of the right eye. The headaches are ridiculous and envolve throwing up, then it goes away, comes back 3 or 4 times in one day. This happens even 8 months and cannot figure out what it is. When the headaches subside I have permanent vision loss in my left eye and am super super sensitive to light. My doctor says it is migraines but am highly doubting it. When typing this message I can see on my right but my finger have some fading blocking letters. When I look at people my left eye has blindness and blocks their face out. I can see a part of their body, but their head is totally gone. What is going on......

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If you are concerned that this maybe meningitis the only way to diagnose is by have a lumber puncture. We are not medically trained on here but just people who have had Meningitis ourselves or know someone who has. Your symptoms don't sound typical of meningitis but you need to be seeking further medical advice if you don't agree with your doctor.

Best wishes

EvanG, I am not a dr but reading ur post reads like optic neuritis, the headaches, vision loss, in one then both eyes, I have MS and had what ur describing, it took demanding a provoked vision test from a neurologist to find my DX, then immediately a course of intervenious steroids to resolve vision and headaches, my vision recovered in 3-5 days!

Please don't wait, even oral prednisone will help with inflammation. Don't give up, seek medical attention. I've never had another vision event and that was 17 years ago. I had VM in 2015, it was stiffneck, killer headaches, nausea , an bright light intolerance, but what u described at least to my thinking sounds closer to An MS optic attack. I hope I'm wrong.

Good luck and the best to u


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