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Activity induced headache


I know many of you have increased headaches with increased activity, and I have some questions for y'all. I am almost 2 years post West Nile meningitis.

I had a treadmill stress test this morning, walked about 10 minutes up to a 20% grade, heart rate got up to 145 bpm, BP great, very little shortness of breath, with no fatigue. I did great until I sat down for the rest period. After about 2 minutes my heart rate was 95 bpm, then I felt that horrible pressure in my head & neck, and knew a headache was imminent. When I walked outside a few minutes later, the sun felt like a poker sticking into the back of my head.

For those of you who deal with activity triggering headaches, do you know how much, or what type of, activity will set one off? Is it related to increased heart rate and or blood pressure? How do you get back into physical shape if you can't keep your heart rate up?


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Hi. I develop severe head pain with exertion, I've been told rest and stopping activity is way to control it. I was placed on propranolol (blood pressure Med) in an attempt to decrease severity with very little results. I see an osteopath who was able to explain why I develop head pain induced with exercise. If you can find an osteopath I would recommend going to see them. I walk briefly to exercise but that can even trigger the head pain somedays. I had Vm 23 months ago. I'm now being assessed by kinesiology, physiotherapy and ot and am feeling hopeful in a better quality of life. Wishing you the best of luck with recovery

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