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Meningoencephalitis ?


Does anyone have any experience of meningoencephalitis? My daughter was diagnosed with it a week ago and has been in hospital undergoing treatment since then.They say she has to stay in at least another week or maybe 2 as she has to have the medication intravenously 3 times daily .She is ok, not critical but still has the headache , sometimes worse than ever and nausea occasionally .It would be good to know anyone else's experiences.She is having to spend her 21st birthday in hospital, which is so sad for her .

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Hi, I hope your daughter is responding well to treatment. My son had Meningococcal Encephalitis in Feb last year ( he was 10 then). He was unable to speak for over a week & appeared as if he had had a stroke, unable to move 1 side of his face, arm & leg on one side. He had siezures after being in hospital​ for 5 days. The consultant said his brain was 're-booting' & he was possibly going to put him on a breathing machine & induce a coma but he came through. We were in hospital for a month & he was on antibiotics for 6 weeks total ( he had osteomyelitis, where they think the infection spread to his skull). The point of my post was to give you hope & re-assurance. My son is fine. He still struggles with fatigue sometimes & were not sure if it has affected is cognition & learning at all but if it has it is not a huge amount. It's terrifying at the time but hopefully you'll all come through ok. I'm sending lots of love to you & hope for a speedy & complete recovery x

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Hi my name ia Zaur from Azerbaijan. In 2003 I had Meningoencephalitis and I fully was paralysed. I think your doughter is lucky because it is not too late you have known her desease. If it would be late the result is dangerous.

I Wish her to be at home with her family freely safely without headache!

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Apologies for the late reply. I had meningoencephalitis back in 2008.

Recovery does take a while, it's a serious illness, but she has youth on her side! My advice is for her to take her time over recovery. Just take it easy don't try and do too much too soon.

I don't have any real long term effects and I was in intensive care for a week and in hospital for 3. I had a stroke like event so had all the symptoms of a stroke, without actually having a stroke, It took time. I too had seizures and I too was told about my brain having to "re-boot" I as on anti epilepsy tablets for 12 months just to calm all the "electricity" going on in my brain. Fatigue is a big factor..

So, a good recovery is possible, I had a headache for a few months, but it cleared.

if you have any questions, let me know.

Good luck.



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