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14 years on

Hi all I had bacterial meningitis with staphylococcal and sepsis in 2003 I got up on a Friday morning I got up and my legs and bony felt like I had the flu my wife worked in the same office next desk.So I returned to bed.IHad been out side in the rain quad bikeing the 3 days before

So I am told by my wife I asked her to call a ambulance at about 1am A ambulance car came he did his cheeks and could not find any thing wrong As he was leaving a 2 man ambulance turned up and where not happy by this time I was in and out of conseseness I arrived at hospital and the boss looked at me and did not know what was wrong. He thought I had a chest infection or I had a stroke or even a heart attack They put me on very stronge antibiotics ANy way they ought me round 4weeks later I was deaf I was so weak I could not move my hands wherlocked in a fist and I could not hold any thing in my hands I had kidney problems any way I know it's 14 years On now ho I died twice in icu but does any one like me think I suffered post dramatic stress disorder I was told my balance was so bad I not walk again AsI said to this day I still have lots of problems would any one know how I get a diagnosis on this the only person who as said any think was my mental health counciler

sorry if does not make a lot of sense but my memory is crap and so as u may have guessed is my typing

To any one who gets this far I thank you


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Hello Boneyhay- just wanted to say that we are all rooting for you and hoping that you find happiness in your "new normal". Hang in there!

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THanks I have learned a lot from this I had 3 months in hospital at the time about 8 weeks why there phisio including plung pool which was a lol as I had to have 5 phisios to do that 4in the pool with me and 1on the side I don't have any chances left I died 2 in itv but they bought me. Lol 😆 but life has been hard

I have been very lucky to have in my opinion the best wife in the world she's been my 24/7 career chauffeur wife mother to the family she has shared every up and down with me as with my balance problem I am not allowed in the kitchen to dangerous lol I have had mental health problems I was fit and active before BM in fact the 3days before I was hill I had been quad bikeing lol and getting paid for it lol

Can I through this just thank all the family's out there who have some one in there family who has had this that with out your dedication to helping us suffers most off us would have great problems this may sound soppy but please give all the people who look after u help u in any way a. Big pat on the back and if loved ones a big kiss because I for one would not be here to bore you if it was not for the them

They say it's good to talk I for one now know it is I will not get any better I know that in fact with every thing it may go the orther way if it does it does

The last 14years have been hard But I am still here

May I just add good luck to any one running for the trust on Sunday in the London marathon I wave you all on from my arm chair

I hope you all get PB from it and well done because with out mad fools like you I would not have got the help from the trust that I have so again thank you

Break a leg

Sorry that's for actors I don't know what you say to runners excep



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