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(1) After recovery from bacterial meningitis can one still suffer or being exposed to the disease again or can one be immune to the disease for some time?

(2) Can one recover from bacterial meningitis without receiving any medication but recovery from the strength of the immune system?

(3) How long can exposed person stay before symptoms occur?

Thanks, waiting for honest answers.

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Bacterial meningitis is sudden and serious and is life threatening. It does require hospitalisation and treatment. Viral meningitis does not always require treatment unless it is severe. A diagnosis of Meningitis whether it is bacterial or viral can only be confirmed by a lumber puncture. There are different strains of bacterial meningitis and you do usually then have an immunity to that particular strain that you had, unless for some reason you have a depleted immune system e.g. Because of chemotherapy, and then you would loss your immunity and so could get it again but that would be rare. It is extremely rare for someone to have bacterial meningitis more than once but does occasionally happen Only with Meningococcal Meningitis is there a risk of passing it on to those who you live in close kissing and cuddling proximity too. If someone has Meningococcal Meningitis they will give antibiotics to the people you are living with. You don't as such 'catch' the other strains of meningitis as they are caused by the bacteria we all naturally have in the backs of our noses and throats and which usually the bugs of coughs and colds. But for some reason for a few of us the body allows the bacteria to cross the blood brain barrier and develop bacterial meningitis. It isn't known for sure but it is thought that stress and the associated lowered immune system may play a part. Bacterial Meningitis is the term used when the exact strain hasn't been identified but mostly people know if they had haemophillus, pneumococcus etc. Again a very few people will have both viral and bacterial meningitis at some different point of there lives.

I am wondering why you are asking the questions which suggest you are worried about having or catching Meningitis?. There is lots of information on the Meningitis Now website or if you have specific concerns and are in the uk I would suggest you ring there helpline - Freephone 0808 80 10 388. They have lots of information and are very helpful, understanding, and supportive.


Thanks for the information. Please,does it mean when one contact bacterial meningitis and did not receive treatment, the person is bound to die?

The information is for my project work.


I think that is yes that they would die. I nearly died even though I was in hospital receiving treatment! Treatment cannot save everyone's life.

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U would most certainly die I got to hospital within 15 mins of my gp coming to my home to diagnose I woke up 8months later havin been in a coma and on life support,a oscillater and ecmo I have menicoccol septicaemia xx


My son got meningitis strep b at 4 weeks old he was given antibiotics an taken to great ormond street hospital where he suffered seizures there was slight damaged left on the brain. He was discharged about 4-5 weeks later an sent home on epilepsy medicine he didn't have another one since an was taken off the epileptic medicine an discharged from follow up appointments as he was doing well. He is now 5 almost 6 yrs old he struggles with concentration in school which the teacher has made referrals and a week ago he had a epileptic seizure in his sleep at 8am in the morning I called an ambulance he had no temperature sugar levels were fine an can't seem to understand how he had one,the peadiatrician is referring him to a seizure clinic an he has an appointment for ecg on 3rd may also he is awaiting a MRI scan.


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