Hi I'm 31 and had menicoccal septicaemia as a teen

This was a massive life changer at 16 I contracted meniccoccal septicaemia was on life support and in picu for months I was treated with ecmo and iron lung whilst in hospital I developed phnumonia and ecoli ... I am now dependant on oxygen and partially deaf but considering the seriousness of the meningitis contracted I'm lucky to be here at all anybody else had mennicoocal septicaemia c

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  • Oh gosh Clai what a difficult age to have had Meningococcal Septiceamia with such life changing outcomes. Just on the cusp of adulthood. As you are oxygen dependent then I'm guessing it has likely significantly affected your vision for yourself as an adult? Did you suffer any limb or digit loss? Meningitis Now are there to support us however long ago you are from having contracted Meningitis. How have the past 16 yrs been for you?

  • Hi thanks for the reply ... well I consider myself extremely lucky as I'm alive and also a parent to 3 beautiful children they keep me going and have kept me strong ... I was lucky enough to keep my limbs just about I have scarring all over me and u can clearly see where my trachiostomy has been... my mum begged them not to take my limbs and I was trailed on ecmo which saved them xx

  • That is so lovely to hear that you have been able to come out the other side from this horrendous meningococcal & Septiceamia meningitis and continue with the positives of life. That is so wonderful that you have 3 beautiful children and that you are kept going by loving and caring for them. Thankfully you didn't lose your limbs x . That's interesting about the ecmo. I am wondering if it was considered successful and whether it is still used to try and save limbs.

    I think there has at times been other adults on here who have had the meningoccocal strain of meningitis and i know that there was at least one who was left profoundly deaf and had cochlear inplants, and also lost digits/toes on his feet. I think that mostly it is young children who get meningococcal meningitis so it is often their parents who joins this forum, although there are lots of adults on here, who like me, have had other strains of meningitis.

  • There's so many people effected by it isn't there . Ecmo was trailed for many things I had collapsed lungs the lot think it was a last chance resort with me being in a coma for the majority of the worst it's just hear say from family , I think my mind blocks a lot of it out tbh xx

  • I had meningococcal meningitis at 49. This also meant I had pneumonia and a collapsed lung. I am so lucky as I only have a few residual effects I can cope with ok. Never heard of emco. Will look it up. I think we are more aware of life because of it and possiblyenjoy and appreciate it more so some good can come out of it x

  • Was u in intensive care long ?? I was in for 7months then onto a peadiadric ward in 3 different hospitals then finally back home xx

  • UGH! I'm so sorry! :(

  • What about?? X

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