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Post VM & bacterial Septicimia - 6 years- still symptoms?

I had VM and Bacterial Septicimia at the same time, admitted to hospital with fever 105+, deathly low blood pressure.

I was 17, 6 weeks after having my first child.

I'm currently almost 6 years out, and still have a large range of symptoms I'd associate with those illnesses as they began within 6 months of discharge.

Ears always feel like they need to pop, and ring frequently

Burn-like sensation on skin, comes and goes, different large areas (half of abdomen, back of entire leg, etc)

Pins and numbness in arms/hands/legs/feet to varying extent (exercise seems to make this worse)

Stiff neck/shoulders


Short term memory loss, to the extent of dory. (Sometimes so bad I can't remember the beginning of a sentence by the time the end comes around)

Temporary loss of COMMONLY USED WORDS from memory, without the ability to relearn these words for some time. (Couldn't say pantry for a week, though I'd been told repeatedly it was a pantry. Worst occurance of this, happened when I was 19. 2.5 years post VM)

Weakness in lower extremities (comes and goes, rapid onset, no warning signs)

I'm wondering if anyone else experiences these things and how to bring them up to a GP without sounding crazy. I've been in denial for quite some time about how much it affects me, and I can't ignore it now. I'm a mom of two, and I need to figure out ways to get through life with less difficulty than I do now.

Disability is not an option. I can't afford the appeals process (time) and I wouldn't be paid enough to maintain my kids lives (we don't live lavishly by far, but I make enough)

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We are not medically trained on here but if these symptoms started 6 months or 2+ years after your had the VM & bacterial septiceamia they are unlikely I think to be a direct after effect of the VM & BS. Usually you have the difficulties straight after and they either improve and recover or some may continue to be a long term problem/s. However, although there is no researched link there are some other conditions that do seem to occur at a later point for people who have had meningitis. But that could just be coincidental as they are conditions that lots of us will develop anyway. I do think that you should go to see your GP. Just explain things like you have in your post. Or if you are in the UK phone the Meningitis Now helpline - Freephone 0808 80 10 388 to see what they think. They are very knowledgeable, supportive and have lots of helpful information.


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