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Crutches & Wrist Pain

So, with the me not fully recovering from meningitis, I have to walk with crutches. I have been walking with them for the past three years. The one incessant problem I have is wrist pain & sprains. Before I'd just take a day off and it would recover. But now it's getting progressively worse. I now find myself having to remain bed-ridden for a week due to being unable to mobilise with crutches. Does anyone else have this problem? And do you have any solutions? Can prolonged usage of crutches cause long-term damage to the wrist bones/ligaments/muscles?

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I am sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. Do you see a physio at all? I had bacterial meningitis 5 years ago and have moved from crutches to sticks but I am still seeing a physio regularly. The only time I had a real problem was when I fell and the physio was convinced I had broken something but thankfully I hadn't but had to have it strapped up for a few weeks and then using my sticks was difficult. The physio I see is a neuro specialist and has been working at improving balance, coordination and reducing dizziness. This is what helped me move from crutches to sticks. You don't say what difficulties you have and why you use crutches. I also get very tired which can make walking harder. I hope this week is a good week for you.

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Does the pain travel up the arm?

If so it could be the start of 'repetitive strain injury', which can be serious if ignored.

Very often when you start using your body in a different way parts that are not used to being stressed are put under new stresses that they have to get used to.

Wrist exercises might help but the wrong ones will aggravate the problem, so get proper medical advice.

You may want to consider the type of crutches that have a forearm rest and a pistol like grip, so that the weight goes to the forearm and upper arm and by passes the wrist completely, which is then only used to hold and move the crutch.

I carried out a brief search but all I can find is US commercial sites, they refer to them as 'Platform' or 'Forearm' crutches.

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