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Back pain

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Since my lumbar puncture 4 days ago and testing showed VM I've been having horrible lower back pain where the puncture was done. The doctor who did it was at it for 20 mins had to be poking me at least 30 times my other half said. Kept begging him can't we stop for a break and he kept on going the pain was so bad I could feel the pain all down my legs would switch legs when he would poke then the pain would travel to to my head. Now I'm just worried that something is happening with my back because of it or is it just normal until I heal or part of healing. I mean gosh it's hard enough to have the pain in my head upper back and shoulders from VM but now my lower back is worse then before. It hurt but not like this. When I get up my legs want to give out I can't stand without help or even walk without holding on to someone or something. Please anyone having these same issues?

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Hi, I have sent you a personal message


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After a lumber puncture I think that it is usual that pain is experienced/felt in the area where the lumber puncture is done but also can be felt in the backs of the legs. Usually resolves after a week or so and taking painkillers such as paracetamol advised. It is a procedure that is very difficult to do and can be traumatic to experience especially if numerous attempts are made.

Best wishes

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Thank you so much The pain is not a good feeling and especially when I stand it scares me 😩 I know this is a long process and need to be patient. And not push myself 

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This is how I felt the first week or two home also. I think that's normal unfortunately 

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Thank you for responding all this is new to me and so thankful for this group.. 

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This page has been such a blessing to me this past year as it has for so many. 

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I think my back pain lasted about a month. If it doesn't resolve after that, I would be concerned about them having to poke you so much near your spine, and maybe more of an issue. Good luck. 

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I so grateful for this group thank you for responding it really helps me stay positive 

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Hi, sorry you are experiencing discomfort. The lumber puncture is necessary to perform to rule out bacterial meningitis if BM is suspected the dr would want to have the procedure done ad quickly as possible. Please see your doctor as we are not qualified to give medical advice. Hope you recover fully in time.

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Hi, just to let you know that I had my LP 5 weeks ago as yesterday and my pains are finally easing, so it's likely that you can expect to suffer a while longer...sorry.

I too had numerous attempts, finally halted by the doctor, after 18 attempts!, saying that he just couldn't put me through anymore of it! I have had previous Spinal surgery so access was particularly difficult so had to have another LP done under x-ray guidance, which also took 27 attempts and several shocks of pain down buttocks and legs. This is where they catch the sciatic nerves and once irritated they can take weeks to settle.

So be patient, rest as and when you can and accept any help available. I have decided that unless emergency, I will not have more LPs. I had viral meningitis in Dec and have been left with IIH (idiopathic  intracranial hypertension, which is essentially high pressure in the fluid around the brain) so LP is done to monitor pressure and drain some off to lower pressure. I found the temporary slight relief from headaches did not last long enough to justify the agony of another LP.

If the pains increase or lose strength in legs, please go back for review, don't just accept it. Many of us want to stay away from hospitals (understandably) but there are times when you just know you have to go, so listen to your own body and do what you can manage. Good Luck, hope things improve for you.

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