A couple of boxes ticked ✅ after getting Neonatal BM

A couple of boxes ticked ✅ after getting Neonatal BM

My little man has had his 8 week check which thankfully he passed on head control and passed his hearing test. Yeay

He has his follow up care meeting yesterday and they did a couple of Basic tests they were happy with.

Fingers crossed! We are quietly optimistic for the future.

We are so proud of him getting this far after fighting for his little life. They have said he will still tire out quickly and we're still a long way off being in the clear until he's crawled/babbled/walked etc.

Just about to get counseling under way for post traumatic stress and hopefully we will get on To a path that will lead us out of this dark chapter of our lives.

Just wanted to share 😊

Thanks for reading.


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4 Replies

  • What an absolutely gorgeous little boy with his super happy smile! You are clearly so very proud of him and his strength to battle through the Meningitis. Am so pleased for you that so far all the tests are showing that he is reaching his expected development and that his hearing hasn't been damaged. It was a truly traumatic time for you and it's great that that hasn't been underestimated and that you are now accessing therapy. Hopefully that will enable you to move on from your distress and worry and get on with enjoying your adorable son.

    Very best wishes

  • Thank you 😊 xxx

  • Well done little boy,big fighter!

    My baby daughter had bact menin at 40 days of life. she is now 14 months old and already'walking despite doctors' prognosis that'she would walk after her 17 months.

    Worries will never end,until we se our babies reaching each milestone..

    But yes,do celebrate each step! We do the same! Proud'for our baby fighters!

  • Well said euagilia 👏

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