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Staying positive after bacterial meningitis


Hi everyone. Nearly all the stories I've read on here have been very upsetting and I really feel for the people involved. It is life changing but I'm writing this to try and give people some hope and to let you know that if you're lucky and with support you can recover from this horrendous illness.

I was rushed to Margate A&E in January by my house mate after spending three days on my sofa thinking I had flu. He could see I wasn't right. My body started to shut down and I couldn't communicate, walk or work out what was going on. I vaguely remember getting to A&E but after that nothing. Five days later I woke up in Canterbury ICU in a very bad way. A further 3 days were spent in ICU where I received excellent care from the staff and also the support of my family. All I could do was talk and cry. My emotions were all over the place and I was hallucinating real bad. Next was being moved to high dependency for 3 days. Here I started to make some progress, with the use of a Zimmer frame I could walk a small distance, with the help of a nurse. All the time I was staying positive and pushing myself. Then I was moved to a normal hospital bed in a ward, I would get myself showered in the morning, which took all my energy and then attempt a short walk each day. Everything was a struggle. My eye sight was all over the place and my hearing was seriously impaired. Slowly after a few weeks all this sorted itself out. I suffered bad anxiety and was very emotional when I returned home but after a revisit to the hospital to see the nurses and where I was treated this is much better now. This really helps and I would recommend it!

Now 9 weeks later I'm back at work full time and training at the gym 6 days a week. I received excellent care at hospital and amazing support from my family, all of which helped me recover so quickly.

I know I've been so so lucky and given a second chance at life. There is hope after this illnes people!

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Thank you for sharing your serious experience of Bacterial Meningitis and your positive outcome. It is good to be reminded that for lots of people they do survive what is a life threatening illness and recover well and reasonably quickly. The reason you have noticed that the stories on here are more about the long term life changing effects is because most people who have a recovery like yours do not search for information and find this site so it can seem a bit unbalanced on here with stories of the ongoing problems that a few of us experience.

Thank you and so pleased for you th at you have been able to resume full time work and your 6 days fitness regime 9 weeks on.

Hi, yeah all I did was research and more research on the internet when I was ill. There's so many terrible stories and unfortunate people on here and I was so scared of what would happen to me after hospital. I've been so lucky, but it's not something I'll ever forget and if my story gives one person some hope then I'll be happy. I really wish there was something I could do for people suffering with this illness and give something back.

I understand what your saying but not everybody is as lucky as you and in most cases doesn't recover 100% leaving them with life changing results, which can make you feel a little hopeless.

Thank you for sharing your experience my sister has just been discharged from the hospital still been supported to move around and her hearing is so poor from your experience am taking it my sister will be back fully.

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